Better Marriages Texas 2015/2016 Board

A.C.M.E. - Texas Council, Inc. was organized in 1982 to carry out the vision of the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment in the state of Texas and surrounding areas to provide opportunities for couples to grow their marriage relationships. Today, it is known as Better Marriages and continues in the mission: "Educating Couples & Building Relationships."

The Texas Council is composed of a small group of elected couples who meet twice a year to plan an Annual Better Marriages Weekend. This board also assists other Texas leader couples by supporting local events and encouraging the development and growth of Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs).

The Council hosts an Annual Better Marriages Weekend to provide opportunities for couples to enhance their marriages. The weekend includes a keynote speaker couple and couple-led sessions providing tools, not rules, for committed couples to strengthen their relationship. Couples enjoy meeting new friends and reuniting with couples they have met at other conferences. It is a great experience to "hang out with couples who enjoy being married."