Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs)

Better Marriages provides a model for Marriage Enrichment groups, i.e., MEGs. Regular participation in a MEG encourages couples to be intentional about their relationship. By being intentional and allocating the time, couples are able to focus on their relationship instead of the busyness of daily routine. Find a local MEG in Texas.

Meeting in a small group setting with other couples intent on growing their marriage relationship allows committed couples to share the tools that work for them as well as ask for assistance in areas where they may be struggling in their relationship.

The success of the group depends on the participants being committed and intentional about making their marriage happier and more satisfying on a continual basis. Marriage Enrichment activities and MEGs provide couples with the tools and the process to  grow their relationship in a supportive, non-judgmental, and confidential small group setting.

Open MEGs

Couples meet monthly for marriage enrichment dialogue and exercises. Leadership is by a facilitator or leader couple, but facilitating can also be rotated among participating couples. The group size is not limited, and couples can participate for the length of time that they chose. Many couples continue to participate on a long-term basis.


Traditional MEGs

Five or six couples meet monthly for a year or more for marriage enrichment dialogue and exercises. Leadership may be by a facilitator couple or rotated among member couples.